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About Us

We at DIP Foods specialise in creating wonderfully baked food products using 100% Natural Ingredients. No chemicals, No preservatives. Just Good Food.

With our Proprietary baking process, DIP products have achieved extremely low oil content without compromising taste of traditional Indian snack food. As an example, our flagship products, Canapès and Pani Puri contain 98% Less Oil (Yes, just 2% oil content) compared to fried alternatives. Our aim is to provide a real alternative to health conscious consumers, and hence we continue to invest in development of new products and processes that aid in achieving this goal.

The founding family has been involved in foods business for nearly 40 years, and DIP brand was launched in 1997, positioned as a healthier alternative for traditional fried snack food. Canapès and PaniPuri, both baked, were launched as the flagship products, and till date, they remain respective category leaders

Over years, having established recognition as a high quality & healthy snack food producer, our product portfolio has expanded to Baked Multigrain Strips, Baked Pita & Masala Chips, Baked Masala Sticks, Baked Bhakarwadi, Taco Shells, Tortilla Chips, Baked Khari, Classic Rusk, and Coconut Delight

As we enter a new phase of growth, we invite you to participate in this exciting journey.