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Fitness Technology Trends of 2017

JUNE 20, 2017

Technology is everywhere. And now, it has taken over the fitness world as well. But with so many products, how do you pick the best one? Everything from wearable tech to personalized apps – we’ve got you the best of Fitness Technology Trends for 2017!

For starters, why is fitness tech doing so well? Because we all need a little motivation and we know that the best way to get the most out of your workout is to have a workout buddy. Well, that’s why these accessories & apps became so popular – they made workouts fun!

Here are our Top 5 choices:

  1. Fitness Trackers

This wearable gadget is definitely here to stay. The latest generation trackers like Fitbit, Misfit, Apple iWatch, etc are designed not just to get you moving, but to keep you going! They allow you to keep yourself in check without having to go to a trainer. Not only are most brands trying to make them more efficient, but they are also trying to make them look trendier. They have become an ever-present sight at many events. Going from workout to work isn’t such a hassle anymore.

  1. Wireless Headphones

One of the absolute necessities during a workout is good music. Music you enjoy. You run, jump, lift, bend and you need a reliable pair of headphones that can keep up. Thankfully for fitness enthusiasts there are already a number of options available in the market that include brands like Skull Candy, Beats X, Apple Airpods, etc. Days of struggling with the cable are over. It’s time to cut the cord!

  1. Smart Sunglasses

Another new gadget for 2017 is the Oakley Radar Pace. They are a pair of lightweight, comfortable smart eyewear. It is equipped with the technology to

Provide real-time coaching and feedback when running or biking via a voice-activated pair of embedded headphones. The software can even create a weekly training plan tailored to you and your athletic ability. When you’ve got this one, you won’t really need any other tech devices.

  1. Wearable Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors have been used to train athletes all over the world. They are beneficial because your heart rate is a reliable way of telling you just how hard you’re actually working out; ergo, no space for cheating! Polar, a leader in the heart rate monitor market, introduced the Polar Team Pro Shirt. This is a sleeveless shirt with heart rate capture points embedded into the fabric that capture heart rate data in real time. It is designed to make team training much more accurate and data-driven. For all those into heavy cardio workouts or fitness training are sure to love this gadget.

  1. Smartphone Apps

Fitness apps can be handy motivational tools as well as offer personalized health advice. Some of these apps track your progress and provide real time feedback and tracking for those on foot or bikes. Although the accuracy has been doubted, they seem to have become extremely popular with the younger gym members, regular outdoor enthusiasts, etc. One our absolute favorites is Strava – a cycling and running focused app.

When you are starting out, and don’t want to spend on the ridiculously expensive gadgets, this is a great way to get yourself on track!


Well trends change every year, and surely in a few months we’ll have a bunch of new products buzzing in the market. Until then, we hope we’ve helped you end your confusion. Just go buy your favorite already!


We’d love to hear from you! Send in your feedback to us at [email protected].

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