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Healthier Alternatives to Fad Diets

APRIL 21, 2020

Keto, gluten-free, paleo and even a complete juice cleanse, fad diets have always publicised themselves as quick ways to lose weight. But how effective are these fad diets, really? Most diets do indeed help one lose weight, but only so far as cutting an entire food group out of your diet would. They are also notoriously hard to maintain, and more often than not, this means that once you wean yourself off the diet, you’ll be packing on the pounds again. Some unhealthy fad diets are lacking in essential vitamins and minerals which your body needs. Relying on such diets can actually be unhealthy for your body instead of beneficial in the long run. Luckily, losing weight doesn’t always have to mean subscribing to the fad diet of the day. Check out some of these healthy alternatives to fad diets!

Eating Your Veggies

As every mother around the world has said to her children, eat your veggies, your body will thank you for it. Fruits and vegetables are known to be high in fibre, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that your body needs, while also being low on kilojoules. Put in simpler terms, this means that the more of them you eat, the more weight you are likely to lose. So, trade in those quick and greasy snacks for a healthy evening snack consisting of fruits and veggies for a healthier diet!

Say No to Sugary Drinks

Fizzy, sugary drinks do more damage to your body than good. On an average, your favourite can of soda pop contains about 150 calories. Studies have demonstrated that young adolescents with a high intake of fizzy, sugar-filled drinks are more than half as likely to be diagnosed as overweight. Trade out those sugary beverages for their more calorie-conscious diet versions, or cut them out entirely by replacing them with water, a zero-calorie hydrator that is sure to bring the glow back to your face.

Portion Control

The more you consume, the more weight you put on. While that statement might sound like an obvious fact, it is actually very useful to remember when trying to control your weight. When a person is served large portions, they eat more without consciously realising it. According to studies, the average person consumes an extra 150-230 calories when offered larger portion sizes. Controlling portion sizes is a great way to provide your body with only the nutrition it needs, and keep your weight in check.

Fad dieting, while a quick-fix solution to temporarily losing weight, may not be the wisest choice in the long run. Instead, maintain a healthy exercise routine coupled with regular healthy eating habits. If you are looking to make healthier decisions for your body, try and replace greasy, processed foods with baked whole grain chips and other such healthy snacks.

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