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Healthy Foods that are Scientifically Proven to Improve Your Mood

APRIL 21, 2020

Life in the modern world can be, among other things, taxing on one’s mental health. The fast-paced, workaholic attitude of the world today leaves little time for self-care, exercise and a proper diet. However, studies have shown a strong link between one’s dietary habits and their mental state. After all, who can be happy with a rumbling tummy? For most people, a bag of potato chips or a coffee can be enough to satiate their belly and provide  them with enough energy to complete the task at hand. However, studies have shown that oily, greasy, and processed foods can in fact lead to an increase in irritability, and have long-term effects on the mental state of an individual. Let’s take a look at some healthy foods that have been scientifically proven to positively impact your mood.


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been known to act as mood stabilisers, fish consumption has been linked to better mental health, and may prevent expectant mothers from developing postpartum depression.

Spinach and Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables like spinach are a great source of folate, a vitamin that affects mood-stabilising neurotransmitters in the human brain. Incorporate more leafy greens into your diet for a rich, fibrous and well-balanced meal.

Citrus Fruits

Oranges, clementine’s, grapefruit and more are a great source of vitamin C and folate, which have been observed to boost moods almost instantly, not to mention, they make for delicious pre-meal snacks!


Rich in vitamin B and potassium, avocados have been observed to boost serotonin levels and keep blood pressure in check. Avocados are a delicious, healthy and natural snack that will keep you smiling through your day.


A sure-shot remedy to a sour mood, asparagus is backed with serotonin, fiber, folate and vitamins A,C, E and K. It is packed with antioxidants which slow down the aging process and help reduce inflammation.

Bell Peppers

Vitamin C rich peppers keep your mood up by halting the production of cortisol, your body’s natural stress hormone. Yellow bell peppers have the highest concentration of vitamin C, followed by red, and then green.

The foods we eat can have both positive and negative impacts on the brain, as well as our overall mood. A healthy, balanced diet is key to achieving a balanced state of mind, and an overall healthier lifestyle. Instead of making drastic changes and then being tough on yourself if the change doesn’t last, we would recommend adding tasty and healthy snacks to your diet. Online retailers such as DIP Foods focus on providing consumers with snacks, made from all-natural ingredients. Switch out those greasy snack-time munchies for wholesome baked chips and coconut laddus for a healthy and tasty meal that you can enjoy any day of the week.

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